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GloSS will provide the next wave of responsive and applied research enabling a new generation of trusted global modelling and monitoring services.

Robert Elliott
GloSS Head of Centre


GloSS aims to ensure the UK plays a key role in the exploitation of new sophisticated Earth Observation services which will be in increasing demand as the cost of putting satellites into orbit falls dramatically over the next decade.

Keith Robson
Director Enterprise and Growth,
University of Surrey

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The Global Sensing and Satellite Centre of Excellence (GloSS) is an exciting new venture between the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the University of Surrey, to develop a unique joint research centre combining measurement and satellite research, through a team of world class researchers, engineers and facilities and providing new global information services.

The Centre of Excellence covers everything from acquisition to information, integrating data obtained from ground, air and space sensors.

GloSS will maximise the use of sensors, data and models to:

  • Inspire confidence and trust in sensor data from ground, air and space
  • Provide a powerful research presence to deliver innovation in global sensing
  • Promote the important role of Earth Observation in future space sector growth and remove barriers to use of space data within non-space companies.
  • Foster meaningful collaborations to deliver a step-change in earth observation, data delivery and exploitation.
  • Offer greater clarity and access to the technical capabilities available within GloSS. GloSS will work with the energy, water, oil and gas, climate and financial service sectors.

GloSS will link users and industry with the research community to improve safety, reduce risk, improve reliability and lifetime, improve quality of life.

Contact: Robert Elliott

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