National Physical Laboratory


NPL's Wireless Communications research covers both theoretical and experimental aspects of wireless, optical and antenna systems. Research generally covers either:

  • Measurements relating to individual components or subsystems of the physical layer of a communications system
  • Whole system performance of a system or sensor network

Particular areas of interest include:

  • Quantification of the resilience and reliability of wireless networks in a dense radio environment
  • Signal propagation and interference
  • Characterisation of small and smart antennas
  • Measurements of digital waveform parameters such as jitter and EVM, Bit-Error-Rate (BER)

NPL is a world-leading NMI in rf and Microwave metrology with a number of key facilities and capabilities.

Major facilities include:

  • Spherical Near-field Range housed in a temperature controlled 7.5 m by 7.5 m by 15 m anechoic chamber
  • 6.55 x 5.85 x 3.50 m Reverberation Chamber
  • 60 x 30 m Open Area Test Site
  • EMC antenna calibration range, GTEM cells and several other anechoic chambers
  • Fully and partially screened rooms housing unique guided wave standards and equipment
  • A comprehensive range of network analysers (to 110 GHz), fast sampling and digital storage oscilloscopes (to 80 GHz)
  • An electro-optic sampling system for precise EM field mapping
  • An automated probe station for on-wafer measurements

Wireless Communications research


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