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Ultrafast Metrology

NPL offers UKAS-accredited calibration services for the rise-time and aberrations of ultrafast (5-1000 ps) electrical pulse generators and photodiodes as well as high-bandwidth sampling and real-time oscilloscopes. Additionally we can offer traceable measurement of a wide range of related parameters or instruments.

Communications Metrology

NPL can offer a large number of measurements of relevance to wireless communications. These can range from measurements of particular components which may draw on our Optical, RF & Microwave and DC & LF measurement services; characterisation of whole systems or sensor networks; or a bespoke solution. Please contact our Wireless Communications staff and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Digital Communications Systems

NPL can offer a wide variety of related measurement services and capabilities for digital communications systems:

If a measurement that you require is not mentioned here, please contact the relevant member of the Digital Communications Parameters Group

Wireless Communications products & services

  • Calibrated antennas are essential for applications such as satellite communications, Earth remote sensing, and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing. NPL has developed a comprehensive range of facilities for calibrating antennas covering the frequency range from 20 Hz up to 110 GHz.
  • SMART facility is available for minimally-invasive measurements of electrically-small, and smart, antennas at frequencies above 400 MHz.
  • The Ultrafast group at NPL provides measurement facilities for characterising fast electrical and optical pulses as well as calibration services for fast pulse generators and high-bandwidth oscilloscopes.


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