National Physical Laboratory

THz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging – transmission and reflection

NPL THz time-domain spectrometerNPL THz time-domain
Reflection moduleReflection module 

  • System based on a Femtosource 20 fs laser

  • Bandwidth 0.1-4 THz

  • Frequency resolution (maximum) 1 GHz

  • A slot-in module for reflection spectroscopy


  • A raster scan imaging attachment

  • Spatial resolution 1 mm

  • Maximum image area 20 x 20 mm

Sample handling

  • A range of mounts for solid samples of different shapes and sizes

  • Liquid cells with adjustable thickness

  • Pellet press kit for powders

Source spectrum of the THz time-domain spectrometerSource spectrum of the THz time-domain spectrometer 



Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Created: 15 Dec 2009


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