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Amplitude/power linearity calibration kits

Amplitude linearity calibration kitAmplitude linearity calibration kit 

For testing and calibrating the linearity of the amplitude/power measurement scale.

These kits are suitable primarily for THz time-domain spectrometers, but can be adapted for use with other types of system.

The kit consists of a mounting base and a number of silicon plates which can be stacked parallel to each other with equal air-gap spacing between them. High-resistivity silicon has negligible dispersion and absorption at THz frequencies, therefore the attenuation of a THz beam propagating through a stack of plates is independent of frequency and plate thickness, and is multiplicative with the number of silicon-air interfaces. The loss per plate is 0.3 (1.73 dB) in amplitude and 0.5 (3 dB) in power.

Amplitude linearity testAmplitude linearity test of a THz time-domain spectrometer 

We provide silicon plates that have been tested for negligible absorption, and can sell them in any multiples, as appropriate to the dynamic range of your system.


M Naftaly, R A Dudley, Linearity calibration of amplitude and power measurements in terahertz systems and detectors, Opt. Lett., Vol. 34 (5), 2009, pp. 674-676.



Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Created: 15 Dec 2009


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