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Measurement of SAR from body-mounted devices

SAR measurement robot

To avoid effects due to heating, the specific absorption rate (SAR) of energy, in W/kg, from radio transmitters used next to the body must be assessed.

NPL has facilities of measuring the SAR from body mounted devices to IEC62209-2 and FCC OET-65 requirements. Testing can be performed in head or muscle simulating liquids, and we are able to test devices over the frequency range 20 MHz to 6 GHz for peak, and 1 g or 10 g for averaged, SAR. 

SAR measurement system (right) used to test body-mounted devices, showing a SPEAG measurement probe mounted on a six-axis robotic arm, and elliptical phantom (red) which is filled with muscle or head simulating liquids. The device being tested is mounted underneath the phantom.

The system has been used for a variety of development and testing purposes including the measurement of antennas used to treat cancer tumours by hyperthermia, and development of fabric antennas in T-shirt antennas.

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Last Updated: 11 Sep 2012
Created: 11 Sep 2012


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