National Physical Laboratory

Measurement and Consultancy

NPL can provide assistance in a variety of areas relating to Specific Absorption Rate (SAR):

Head Phantom for experimental dosimetry
Head Phantom for
experimental dosimetry


NPL offers calibration of systems for radio frequency (RF) dosimetry to researchers studying health effects of RF and microwave exposures. Our capabilities extend to the calibration of RF exposure systems used for medical research, including measurement of SAR induced in samples in vitro, thermal measurements and also computer simulation of these systems.

Exposure assessment and site surveys

NPL offers consultancy on exposure assessment and safety of RF systems, including site surveys. We have experience in a wide range of measurements environments, examples including hospital, wireless road tolling systems, battlefield communications and base station antennas.

Computer simulation of electromagnetic fields

The group has extensive experience of modelling electromagnetic systems and antennas using a variety of simulation methods. For modelling the exposure of humans we use CST Microwave Studio with EM, Eigen mode and thermal solvers, and have HUGO, IT'IS 'Virtual Family' and 'Virtual Classroom'; human voxel models.


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