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Antennas and Field Probes support documentation

NPL has produced documents and reports that give guidance on the use of antennas and field probes. These include Good Practice Guides and Annexes to Calibration Certificates.

Good Practice Guides

A guide to power flux density and field strength measurement.
Merewood, P
Institute of Measurement and Control / NPL, 2004

Development of a pulse modulated microwave power flux density measurement system and the evaluation of field strength probes with pulse modulated fields.
Holland, K P
DEM-EM 013, January 2007

The use of GTEM cells for EMC measurements.
Nothofer, A, Alexander, M J, Bozec, D*, Marvin, A*, McCormack, L*
Measurement Good Practice Guide No 65 , January 2003

Calibration and use of antennas, focusing on EMC applications.
Alexander, M J, Salter, M J, Gentle, D G, Knight, D A, Loader, B G, Holland, K P
Measurement Good Practice Guide No 73, December 2004

Annexes to Calibration Certificates

These annexes (in PDF format) give information on measurement uncertainties under various conditions of use for particular antennas:

More information can be found on our Microwave Antenna Calibrations area.

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