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The main capabilities at NPL include:

  • National standards for the RF and Microwave parameters of most fundamental interest to scientists, engineers and end-users: impedance, power, attenuation and noise parameters. Many of the NPL standard facilities provide some of the highest levels of accuracy available anywhere in the world.
  • National standards for ‘free-field’ parameters: antenna gain for both wire (e.g. EMC) and many forms of microwave antenna; field strength, power flux density and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standards to cover both human exposure (Health and Safety) and EMC requirements. There are also traceable facilities for determining antenna pattern and for field mapping on both micro and macro-scales.
  • Many facilities for determining the electromagnetic properties of materials, these include dielectrics (both high and low loss, solid and liquid), microwave magnetics and structured material, e.g. meta-material, Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) and other composite materials.
  • Communications waveform analysis capability (digital and analogue). Fast pulse and time-domain capability for rise-time measurement, e.g. for oscilloscope rise time and to enable measurements on materials and devices up to terahertz (THz) frequencies.

All of these facilities are backed up by validated software both for accurate measurement and for modelling, in most cases this software is developed in-house at NPL.

RF & Microwave products & services


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