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Portable Power Analyser for Laboratory Grade On-Site Measurements

The NPL Power Analyser addresses the need for laboratory grade measurements in the field environment. Its rugged briefcase-style design makes it ideal for portable site working. With accuracy specifications exceeding 0.01 % and extensive measurement capabilities, it is ideally suited for the measurement of efficiency or PQ compliance on three phase systems.

The Power Analyser has eight independent highly isolated digitizer channels suitable for precision electrical measurements, in particular power systems. Ranging for LV measurements up to 440 V and built-in integrators for Rogowski-coils are ideal for non-invasive high current measurement.

National Laboratory Grade Measurement Features…

  • 8 highly isolated channels (3 voltage; 3 current; neutral)
  • 0.005 % digitization accuracy (not including external transducers)
  • Software selectable voltage ranging 440 V, 250 V, 110 V, 70 V, 22 V, 10 V and 1 V
  • Rogowski Integrators / CT amplifiers with software selectable ranges
  • High input impedance c10 M ohm
  • Sampling rates up to 32 kHz; internal or external clock

…yet designed for site working:

  • Rugged Pelicase™ design with ingress protection
  • Portable suitcase instrument ideal for transportation
  • Overvoltage protected input channels
  • Channel temperature coefficient - better than 3 ppm/oC

Powerful yet flexible real-time data processing:

  • Standard Windows™ PC with real-time data transfer via the Ethernet port
  • Readily converted to wireless operation - ideal for safe requirement of MV/HV areas.
  • Programmable DDS sampling clock or external clock input
  • On-board user-programmable Blackfin™ DSP for real-time data processing
  • GPS 'time tagging' of measurements allowing multiple units to be synchronized for wide-area measurements

Demonstration software is provided to highlight the flexibility of the Power Analyser. Capabilities include:

  • Suite of IEC61000-4-30 parameters including flicker, harmonics, interharmonics, three phase power, unbalance, dips and swells - all measured in real-time
  • High accuracy asynchronous sampling capability
  • Noise reduction: adaptive filtering, IIR, FIR filtering, adaptive noise cancelling
  • Real time data on all 8 channels: rms, average, distortion, frequency, fundamental, and real-time CRO plot for each channel
  • Three phase active and reactive power
  • Continuous measurement logging over long periods (months - limited by disk space) with no gaps
  • High data rate waveform recording on all channels
  • GSM / 3G / HSPA interface for remote control and data collection
  • Access to 'raw sampled data' for analysis of events such as transients
  • EMC compliance measurements (Flicker and harmonics) using standard NPL Flickermeter and harmonic analysis implementations
  • Environmental sensor logging, e.g. temperature, light intensity (for PV monitoring), wind-speed (for turbines)

To find out more about the NPL Power Analyser, please contact Paul Wright

Last Updated: 7 Jan 2013
Created: 7 Jan 2013


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