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Water Rocket Challenge Resources

Find everything you'll need to get started with our comprehensive list of Water Rocket resources.


If you wish to learn more about how water rockets work, how to build them, and how to optimise their flight, view and download our comprehensive booklet

Also, to take a look at the innovation involved in launcher technology, view and download our launcher booklet

Water Rocket Construction
Hubs of Water Rocket knowledge:
The water rocket achievement world record association
World altitude and flight time competitions - they have a forum (great for construction advice)
Water Rockets - Yahoo Groups
Jolly active discussion group
Making rockets is quite easy, but making the launcher is tricky. However, help is at hand:
Water Rockets Launcher Index
General launcher wisdom
The Copper Tube Launcher | Hose Connector Launcher
Building Launchers
Making Your Own Water Rocket Launcher
Very nice launcher with launch tube
Parts and kit suppliers (not endorsed officially by NPL):
Fullbore water rocket launchers
Commercial Fullbore launchers allow control of pressure and angle
Mindsets Online
Suppliers of corriflute for fin and nose cone construction
Suppliers of kits comprising launcher and rocket which are good for beginners
Suppliers of strong coloured tape
AntiGravity Research
Serious specialist water rocket hardware supplier
Worldwide suppler of water rocket kits
Rocket Store
Include water rocket kits
Water Rocket Manual
Only $17
Other sites of Water Rocket interest:
Bang Goes the Theory
Water Bottle Rockets
Ask a Scientist
Video showing how to build a water rocket
Water Rockets at Leeds University
Johannes Knapp's fantastic Leeds University Water Rocket Page (includes physics, nice pictures, slow motion film analysis and a person strapped to a water rocket (probably not a real launch)
Bristol Water Rockets
Great site with scary large rocket picture
Air Command Water Rockets
If it's not here, you don't need to know it
Nice basic construction | How to link more than one bottle together for bigger rockets | Some inspirational (perhaps daunting) designs
Alain Juge: Water Rockets
Nice practical help - building rockets since 1967
The How Zone
Nice items on mounting cameras among other resources

Rocket Simulator

This Water Rocket simulator software is described in the booklet and helps you improve flight and understand the physics involved (be amazed at the temperatures of water and air leaving the rocket).

Download [Windows Installer 2.84 MB]


Find posters and videos:

Download our comprehensive booklet about building water rockets and find hubs of water rocket knowledge to visit here



NPL has successfully run workshops for schools local to Teddington for classes and year groups.

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