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The 2010 NPL School Science Film Challenge

NPL School Science Film Challenge

Many thanks to the 40 teams who submitted films to the 2010 Challenge. The judges were delighted with the overall quality of the films and choosing the top 20 nominees for the awards event was very difficult.

On 9 December 2010, nearly 200 people gathered to watch the nominated films at a glittering event at York House, Twickenham. Awards were given out by Dr Yan Wong, TV presenter from BBC 1's Bang Goes the Theory. There were also interviews with Simon Baker (Steadicam operator for Mamma Mia and a wealth of other films) and Laurie Winkless (NPL Scientist).

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By category, nominations and winners (rows shaded in green) are listed below:

Category Team Film Title
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Best Physics

Ice Cool Productions (Independent) Gravity What would happen if Gravity were not always an attractive force?
Charismatic Quartet (St Mary's CE Primary School) The Speed of Light Microwaved chocolate measures the speed of light. Some team members would rather eat it!
The Bright Sparkys (Abbotsfield & Swakeleys School) What Energy Problem?! An amazing suggestion to solving the world's energy problems

Best Chemistry

A&A (Independent) Don't make this at home What makes up the human body?
Happy Hippies (St Mary's CE Primary School) Groovy Lava Go back in time to the peace and love of the 60s and join our happy hippies as they investigate the science behind the lava lamp. Groovy!

Best Biology

Millie Productions (Independent) A Wee bit of Science Live demonstration of the effect of water on your wee
Eco Eggheads (Independent) Bee Aware How bees help us and what we can do to save them
The Neurones (Independent) Nerves and the Reflex Arc The purpose of the nervous system and the different ways it helps us react to danger, with information about the reflex arc and the various nerve cells involved

Best General Science

FFJE (St Mary's CE Primary School) Ice Lift Water is amazing! Pouring salt on an ice cube lowers the freezing point and here we use only string to lift the ice cube, as the freezing point rises back to 0 ºC
Team ICT (St Edmund's Catholic Primary) Steds Science Show It's the Key Stage 2 revision show!

Best Science Investigation

Barnes Primary School What shall we do with the scurvied sailor? How the antidote for scurvy was discovered
Barnes Primary School Some Like It Hot Investigating how some materials are better at insulating heat than others

Most Artistic

Year 4 (Sacred Heart Primary School) Terrible Teeth Vampires with tooth problems? There's a thing!
Physics (Independent) Physics Video explaining what Physics is actually about
Year 12 Biology (Bishop Wand School) 2 Minute Cell Is it cookery or is it cell manufacture?

Most Entertaining

Hair Raisers (Archdeacon Cambridge Primary School) The X-Statics Hair raising fun with Ruby and the gang
The Poppits (Independent) Smoking and Your Body Super Nurse finds people smoking, asks them about side effects, and explains why some occur. Watch her quest to make the world a non-smoking place...
Barnes Primary School The Big Chew Teeth and what they do (including very catchy tune!)

Best Cinematography

Real Flow (Harris Academy at Peckham) Sound Sound around us- visually shown with a rap and science info-bites
The Dream Team (Independent) Photosynthesis The process of photosynthesis and how we can prove it takes place

All nominated films listed in the categories above have been considered for the Best Overall awards. Separate trophies were given to best Independent and School films.

Best Overall Films

The Dream Team (Independent) Photosynthesis The process of photosynthesis and how we can prove it takes place
Barnes Primary School Some like it Hot Investigating how some materials are better at insulating heat than others

Some of the Best of the Rest

AABR Fire Extinguisher
Chick Flow Circuit Breakers
Einstein 4 A bit of Light Relief
Grand Prix Racers The Grand Prix Magnets
Safety Girls Safety in Science
Team 1 The Nervous System
TEChnology Volcano in a cup
The Physics Stars Messing about with Boats
Uncool Productions Volcano



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