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Sport is a great way to introduce measurement topics, and to show how new developments in science and technology impact on our daily lives.

To enable fairness and to compare performance, almost every aspect of sport uses precise measurement, accurate and calibrated reference standards and an appreciation of uncertainty.

Quick reactions are crucial in evaluating and improving sports performance.

What this KS2-KS5 resource does

Enables you to:

  • measure reaction time by the drop-test method
  • tabulate results for dominant and non-dominant hands
  • evaluate reaction times from distances by using a graph
  • compare your results with those of others

Focus: Sc1 skills; measuring, estimating, recording, data analysis, time

Resource components
ReactFast Challenge Notes
(overview document with presentation notes) 
ReactFast Challenge Presentation
ReactFast Video
ReactFast Challenge Ruler
(A4 printable, needs scissors and tape to assemble) 
ReactFast Logsheet T PDF | XLS
(to log and evaluate mean values) 
ReactFast Logsheet D PDF | XLS
(as above with extra drop distance for reaction evaluation) 
ReactFast Graph
(for distance to time graph evaluation exercise) 
ReactFast WebCompare
(compare your results with others) 

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The learning objectives of ReactFast are;

  • Be able to measure
  • Record appropriately
  • Use data to inform
  • An understanding of the need for accurate measurements in time.


Harlequins Rugby Interview


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