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Metrology for the Future Spacecraft Testing workshop at ESTEC

Invitation to contribute to the discussion

The ECSSMET 2018 Conference (28 May-1 June) at ESTEC will include a workshop on Metrology for the Future Spacecraft Testing, as advertised on the conference announcement. NPL is co-organising the event with ESA and we would like you to contribute.

Contribute to the discussion

Comment before the workshop

Please complete the pre-workshop questionnaire regarding spacecraft testing challenges for the future, or measurement technologies that could change the future of spacecraft testing, by 11 May.

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Present during the workshop

We invite you to contribute to the workshop with a short 5–10 min presentation of key issues to stimulate discussion.

Please email Andy Grey if you would like to present at the workshop

Workshop synopsis

We are witnessing an evolution in spacecraft manufacturing which is bringing its own specific needs and challenges in adopting new technologies to verify reliability and performance. The space market requires new approaches to verification and quality assurance, taking inspiration from non-space industries, emerging technologies and digital innovations.

This open-minded workshop is an opportunity to re-think the metrology and tools available for spacecraft testing, challenge traditional approaches, deliver excellence, and develop a long-term strategic view on the measurement needs for future of spacecraft testing.

If you are an AIT or spacecraft test engineer, quality assurance professional, measurement expert or future spacecraft mission designer, this event is an ideal opportunity to understand and input into defining the needs and challenges ahead and identify the tools needed for spacecraft testing in the future.


The Metrology for the Future Spacecraft Testing Workshop will seek the views of the space industry, test engineers and future spacecraft designers to identify measurement technology needs for the future of spacecraft testing.

We are looking to collate input from organisations developing designs for future spacecraft that have particular challenges for improving the testing regime by reducing cost and time, and by developing strategies for testing at levels and ways that are not currently possible but which are essential to the new generations of spacecraft and future science missions.

The output we are looking to develop, with the help of the Space Industry, ESA and the measurement science community, is a list of prioritised future testing needs and challenges and to identify novel metrology science and technology areas that can help address the testing challenges.

Galileo lift off

Thank you and we look forward to meeting at ECSSMET 2018.

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