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Dimensional Measurement Training: Level 1 - Measurement User

A three day training course introducing measurement knowledge focusing upon dimensional techniques.

Aims & Objectives

Dimensional Measurement training

To provide:

  • The underpinning knowledge and expertise for anyone who uses measurement tools or requires an appreciation of the importance of measurement
  • The principle knowledge and practical training for people who are required to use dimensional measurement techniques to complete their daily tasks
  • The tools to instil and encourage questioning culture


  • An understanding of the fundamentals of standards, traceability, calibration, uncertainty, repeatability, drawing symbols and geometrical tolerances, the importance of the relationship between tolerances and measuring equipment and be able to question the measurement.

Level 1 is applicable to all industrial sectors as a stand-alone qualification or as a building block for further NPL Dimensional Measurement Training Levels - 2 and 3.

Course Content

Day 1 - Geometric Product Specification (GPS) A
Including what is GPS, drawing practice and geometrical tolerances.

Day 2 - Measurement Principles and Methods A
Including successful measurements, standards, traceability, calibration, uncertainty, units, relationship between tolerances and measuring equipment using micrometers and callipers, repeatability and reproducibility of measurements.

Day 3 - Measurement Principles and Methods B
Including the relationship between tolerances and measuring equipment by the use of height gauges, dial test indicators, dial gauges, plug gauges, gap gauges and temperature effects.

NB: Fundamental Measurement Calculation is incorporated into all 3 days including powers, scientific notification and triangles. This is achieved by understanding the relationship of these calculations when applied to tolerance zones and practical measuring tasks.

A workbook of evidence must be completed successfully during the training course and, where required, post assessment tasks can be set for each individual to be completed in the workplace.

Intended Audience

  • Anyone using measurement equipment in the workplace
  • Manufacturing engineering personnel
  • Design staff
  • Production supervisors and managers
  • Those responsible for quality control
  • Measurement technicians
  • Process planners
  • Apprentices


Attendees will receive course workbooks and Good Practice Guides.

Training Team

This course is delivered by NPL Approved Training Providers around the UK. Each specific course will specify the organisation delivering the training on that date.

Further Information

Contact: Pete Moores

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Last Updated: 22 Aug 2012
Created: 13 Jan 2011