National Physical Laboratory

The 61st Marine Measurement Forum (MMF)

24 May 2018

This Marine Measurement Forum (MMF) meeting will include a series of presentations relating to a variety of topics around the area of measurement for the marine environment. As always, there will be plenty of opportunities for both networking and sharing ideas throughout the day.

NPL is the UK's National Measurement Institute and its expertise in measurement covers a range of different disciplines – from underwater acoustics and medical ultrasound, to quantum mechanics and ionising radiation.

During the day there will be an opportunity to view NPL's facilities and capabilities.

The MMF is a series of one-day, non-profit-making events that provide opportunities for the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge, techniques and developments across an extensive range of marine scientific measurement activities. Attendees typically include: scientists, surveyors, engineers and business people from a variety of organisations; including: research centres, academia, manufacturers, survey companies, consultants, monitoring authorities, dredging companies, port authorities, oil companies and societies.

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Confirmed speakers

  • Mark Wood/Jay Abel – Ocean Sonics
    Digital Hydrophone Sensitivity – A Fresh Perspective
  • Bruce Armstrong – Geospectrum Technologies Inc
    Directional hydrophones
  • Andrew Banks – National Physical Laboratory
    Fiducial reference measurements for the validation of satellite ocean colour and sea surface temperature
  • Tom Clarke – Octue
    A pragmatic how-to: build a digital ocean to realise value from data
  • Andrew Ward
    Gradiometers: Their suitability and limitation for UXO surveys and the importance of the Surrogate Item Trial for their optimisation to determine the Dynamic Coverage
  • Matt Guy – Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd
    Near-shore and Off-shore Marine Seismic – What can one expect from a moderate budget site investigation?
  • Jean-Pierre Joubert – Speedy Breedy
    SeaSure – Portable testing making big waves
  • Paul Lepper – Loughborough University
    Flying hydrophones: Use of Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) for underwater sound measurement
  • Delphine Lobelle – Southampton University/NPL
    Comparing the RAPID mooring and AVISO satellite data to estimate Atlantic meridional transport
  • Sam Nichols – Seiche Ltd
    Middelfart Listening Station
  • Charlotte O'Kelly – TechWorks Marine Ltd
    Integrated monitoring systems for use in Dredge Monitoring
  • Stephen Robinson – National Physical Laboratory
    Long-term trends in deep-ocean noise measurements, and the potential for anthropogenic and climatic causes
  • Blair Thornton – Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)
    3D visual mapping and in situ plasma spectroscopy for seabed survey

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Exhibitor information

There is the opportunity to have a table-top exhibition stand. Dimensions of table-top are 150 cm x 75 cm. Please note there is limited capacity of up to six exhibition stands, so please register early to secure a stand.


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