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The use of focused ion beam microscopy for 3D material characterisation.


Mingard, K P, Cox, D C, Jones, H G, Gee, M G

Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 141, December 2016
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PDB: 8232
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This Good Practice Guide to using dual-beam microscopes for materials characterisation has been written by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Its main objectives are as follows:

  • To provide a description of the principles behind electron-solid and ion-solid interactions, including guidelines on how to achieve optimal imaging conditions
  • To provide procedures for the set-up of 3D data acquisition and image reconstruction

The guide is primarily aimed at users with existing electron microscopy knowledge and who are new to, or have some experience in, focused ion beam microscopy. Experience in microstructural characterisation of metallic materials and an understanding of microstructural properties is assumed.

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