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Modified hyper-Ramsey methods for the elimination of probe shifts in optical clocks.

Hobson, R, Bowden, W, King, S A, Baird, P E G*, Hill, I R, Gill, P
Phys. Rev. A, 2016, 93, (1), 010501
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PDB: 7887 | DDB: 7481
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Periodical article

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We develop a new extension of existing techniques of hyper-Ramsey spectroscopy in optical clocks, achieving complete immunity to the frequency shifts induced by the probing fields themselves. Using particular pulse sequences with tailored phases, frequencies, and durations, we can derive an error signal centered exactly at the unperturbed atomic resonance with a steep discriminant which is robust against variations in the probe shift. We experimentally investigate the scheme using the magnetically-induced $^1$S$_0- ^3$P$_0$ transition in $^{88}$Sr, demonstrating automatic suppression of a sizeable \num{2e-13} probe Stark shift to below \num{1e-16} even with very large errors in shift compensation.

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