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The examination, testing and calibration of tritium-in-air monitors for radiation protection.

Dean, J C J, Phillips, H C, Burgess, P*, Doyle, P*, Simpson, J*
Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 114, July 2015
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PDB: 7566
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This Good Practice Guide has been written by members of the Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring UsersÂ’ Group in collaboration with the radiation user community. The guide recommends procedures to examine, test and calibrate tritium-in-air monitoring equipment. The guide provide guidelines for Type Tests, Tests Before First Use, Periodic Tests, as well as Function check, Re-tests after repair/adjustment and Pre-calibration tests of the instruments. It also discusses Specific tests, including tests on the radiation detection assembly for portable tritium-in-air monitors. The guide does not cover the use of tritium bubblers. The test procedures recommended in this guide are not legally binding, but are based on current accepted good practice.

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