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Current landscape of standardisation efforts in organic and printed electronics 2015 - a VAMAS review.

Castro, F A
NPL Report MAT 73, April 2015
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PDB: 7489 | DDB: 7112
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NPL Report

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Organic and printed electronics relates to emerging electronics beyond silicon technology. In this growing multibillion Euros market, the need for new standards has led to the creation of multiple working groups within various standardisation forums. The disperse nature of these activities makes it challenging for companies to find relevant standards and to engage with standardisation work. The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the landscape of standardisation efforts and a short summary of the activities of these groups.This document does not intend to completely cover all aspects of standardisation for organic and printed electronics and in that respect will cover some areas more than others. Items covered include testing of flexible printed electronic devices, functional/electronic inks (e.g. carbon nanotubes, metal nanoparticles, graphene ...), characterisation of organic light emitting diodes (device level and displays), photovoltaics (device level), thin film transistors and barrier layers. The report also includes information about how companies can obtain technology verification when no standards exist. A list of current standards and proposed work items within relevant standardisation groups is presented and a heat-map of activities provides a visual guide to the distribution of activities among the different groups. Topics related to complete products; product components (e.g. inverters, cables ...) and safety are not covered in this document.We invite the international community to send critics/suggestion that will be taken into account when publishing a revised version of this document.

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