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Measurement Solutions

NPL is working with UK industry to deliver measurement driven solutions that are based on the highest level of accuracy. Our knowledge comes from NPL's role in the development and maintenance of the UK measurement standards. Our experience comes from working with businesses to apply this knowledge to solve challenging issues for over 100 years.

How Can NPL Help?

  • Technology evaluation - NPL operate independently from instrument manufacturers and at the leading edge of science and technology. This unique position allows us to evaluate the performance of suitable technologies and instrumentation to support current and emerging test and measurement requirements in industry. NPL can compare technologies / instrument types and provide an independent evaluation based on the customers own specified performance requirements.
  • Precision component measurement - NPL offer a suite of measurement capabilities covering a wide range of high-accuracy measurement and inspection requirements including First Principle measurement, CMM measurement against CAD models, non-contact scanning and surface finish evaluation. Typical applications include First Article Inspection (FAIRs) on critical components, reverse engineering legacy parts by scanning components to create a new CAD model against the original drawing.
  • Solving measurement and inspection problems - NPL are able to help Customers to reach a short-cut to resolving measurement related challenges by deploying expert resources including our science team and a vast array of measuring equipment. Investigative work can be undertaken either at NPL or on-site within a production environment as required. NPL are also able to work with Customers to develop suitable measurement solutions for emerging or predicted requirements enabling shorter development timescales and reduced costs.
  • NPL Huddersfield - NPL Huddersfield specialises in dimensional inspection and measurement of complex components and assemblies, CMM programming, and bespoke measurement training and consultancy, focusing on businesses in North England.
  • Accredited services - Many of NPL's services are accredited by independent bodies including ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO Guide 34 and CIPM MRA. Working with NPL, your company will have access to wholly independent technical experts that will ensure your full adherence to the most challenging standards.

As a world-class research company focused on developing measurement techniques, NPL is working with industry in applying our knowledge and experience in measurement science to help industry meet standards and over come technical challenges.

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Measurement can often be overlooked as a tool to solve technical challenges, however, through working with NPL, your business will have access to a unique, multidiscipline team of scientists and engineers who have been solving challenges faced by industry for over 100 years.

NPL offers a range of services and solutions across industry that have been developed to meet even the most challenging technical requirements in demanding conditions. With our independent role from regulators, NPL can help your business develop the right measurement tools to ensure your company is meeting all your required measurement standards by accessing our extensive know-how in this area.

For businesses who must have traceability to nationally and internationally accepted standards, NPL's measurement services can help you achieve these requirements. Our services are guaranteed to operate within the most stringent quality and procedural requirements to ensure your compliance. Where possible and available, NPL's measurement services are formally accredited by independent bodies.

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Challenge Driven, Solution Focused

NPL is a world leading National Measurement Institute for the physical sciences committed to using the science of measurement to help drive innovation, support industry and improve the quality of life.

NPL is working with the businesses facing measurement challenges by developing solutions driven by your challenges through the application of cutting-edge measurement that meets our customer's needs.

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Our capability includes:

Materials characterisation

Dimensional metrology

Environmental measurement

Training and skills development

Working with business and industry, NPL's measurement solution programmes focus on identifying and addressing customer needs, ensuring our expertise and knowledge is always relevant and easily applied by our partners.

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