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Shining light on diabetes

NPL has recently helped a UK company develop an innovative new device for helping people with diabetes.

Shining light on diabetes

Currently, the most widely used method for measuring a patient's blood sugar level is by testing a small blood sample obtained by pricking the finger. This method is at best inconvenient, at worst painful, and the accuracy of the results obtained is often limited.

A UK company, Lein Applied Diagnostics, have developed a novel device which measures blood sugar levels by scanning a beam of light into a patient's eye. However, during initial testing of the device they discovered that more work was required to understand the performance of the device and the accuracy of the results delivered, and came to NPL for help.

An NPL scientist was seconded to Lein and was able to provide expertise in mathematical modelling to help give the company confidence in the operation of the device and to better understand the interaction of the device with the patient. NPL's support has enabled Lein to advance much more quickly towards an accurate, easy to use product which could one day help the millions of people around the world who suffer from diabetes.

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Last Updated: 10 Jan 2013
Created: 11 Nov 2010


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