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Lamp and LED Safety

Aims & Objectives

  • The Lamp and LED Safety course provides the technical background underpinning lamp and LED safety for sources emitting in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared optical radiation wavebands, including safety calculations, measurement risk assessment and product labelling.

Course content

This course is modular and split into two self-standing one day training modules covering the photobiological hazards associated with today's generation of lamps and high brightness LEDs. The modules provide technical background on lamp and LED safety, safety calculations, measurement, risk assessment and product labelling, including the legal requirements of UK and EU legislation (BE EN 6247 and EU AORD) as relevant to worker, workplace and product safety. Training course delivery and understanding of the 62471 safety standard is made simple by the use of LUX-TSI's award winning eyeLIGHT software platform, developed in conjunction with NPL.

Day 1 Agenda

Day 1: Introductory - Lamp & LED Safety Fundamentals
This initial module provides the underpinning NPL 'core of knowledge' for the optical radiation safety of lamps and LEDs. The module includes worked exercises on hazardous light sources, and use of a demonstrator LED safety hardware test platform used in conjunction with eyeLIGHT software to demonstrate the concepts of photobiological safety testing and analysis. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to develop expertise in lamp safety to a level compatible with NPL's introduction to laser safety training course.

Day 2: Practical Analysis of Lamp & LED Lamp Safety
An optional, advanced LED and lamp safety training course that builds on the NPL Day 1 'core of knowledge' and includes hands-on practical laboratory and field based hazard assessment of light sources.

Day 2 Agenda

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