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Training consultancy

Dimensional Measurement Training: Level 1NPL can provide a tailored training consultancy service to develop bespoke training programmes to match the skills needs of your business. The training service can implement a company-wide suite of training, address various technical skills gaps and ensure the evolution of suitably qualified and experienced personnel.

Training Need Analysis (TNA): Analysing the training needs is a vital prerequisite for any effective training programme. Introducing training programmes to individuals without a TNA may miss priority needs, or even cover areas that are non-essential. NPL's TNA ensures your staff gets the right training for them as individual, the department and the organisation as a whole.

We can see real benefits to the business coming from this training. It's an excellent course."

— Robin Mills
Alfa Laval

We recognise that dimensional measurement is key to efficient productivity. Without a good grounding in measurement it would not be possible to produce the kind of consistency and accuracy needed to develop our high-tech submarine systems."

— Haydn Clulow


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