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Darron SBO wins funding from Yorkshire Forward for crucial measurement training.

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Darron SBO is a leading precision engineering SME based in Rotherham. It provides specialist parts to the oil and gas industry where tight tolerances and accuracy are essential.

Darron SBO recognises that, with the expansion of their business and the increasing complexity of the products required by customers, it is imperative for all quality related staff to have a high standard of competency in drawing interpretation and dimensional understanding.

NPL helped Darron SBO identify funding from Yorkshire Forward's Enhancement Fund in order to put 21 members of staff through Level 1 and five through Level 2. Denis Smith, Post Production Supervisor at the firm, is already seeing the benefits:

"Staff are now thinking more carefully about which measurement method is appropriate for a particular task. The decision-making process with regards to quality and inspection has improved. We can now prove our competency to our customers. NPL Training provides us with that unquestionable credibility."

As the UK's national measurement institute, NPL is uniquely placed to help companies of all kinds understand measurement issues better and make the most of their manufacturing process. NPL Training's Dimensional Measurement programme is made up of four levels and is validated by the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing (NSA-M).

"We are confident we will see a reduction in wastage and real business benefits. We will definitely be putting more employees through the course, and are considering the advantages of all the manufacturing personnel going through Level 1, some 60 additional employees."

For further information on Darron SBO, please visit their website

Last Updated: 15 Oct 2013
Created: 8 Dec 2009


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