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Metrology for Biogas

Metrology for Biogas

The 'Metrology for Biogas' e-Learning course provides an overview of the work undertaken by the metrology community to help provide a measurement infrastructure for assessing biomethane and biogas quality, following the development of a new set of quality specifications. The course aims to make the research more accessible to the biogas practitioners, supporting them to comply with the specifications.

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Course structure

The 'Metrology for Biogas project' course consists of six modules:

  • Module 1 presents the new set of specifications and discusses the importance of assessing biomethane and biogas quality. The module also introduces the role of metrology and measurement uncertainty in gas quality analysis and conformity assessment.
  • Module 2 examines five families of organic impurities found in biogas, the measurement challenges they pose, and the research that has been undertaken to enable reliable impurity analysis.
  • Module 3 looks at the key inorganic impurities found in biogas, as well as biogenic methane content. The module addresses the relevant measurement challenges and outlines the development of measurement methods and reference materials.
  • Module 4 explores the water content and particulate content of biogas, including measurement challenges and the research to provide robust analytical capabilities.
  • Module 5 covers the physical properties of biogas and biomethane, including density and calorific value. The module reviews the different measurement methods and calculation models, and gives an overview of the experimental characterisation of key physical properties.
  • Module 6 deals with the sampling of biogas, including suitable containers and on-site sampling protocols. The module examines the challenges in biogas sampling and outlines the work to develop and optimise sampling methods for biogas.

This course is aimed at:

  • Industrial end users, which may include:
    • Biogas producers
    • Speciality gas manufacturers
    • Gas grid operators
    • Transmission companies
    • Automotive industry industrial professionals performing
  • Biogas researchers working in both academia and industry
Learning objectives
  • Understand the need for a new set of specifications for biomethane for injection into natural gas grids and for use as transport fuel
  • Understand the need for a measurement infrastructure, including traceable methods and reference materials, for assessing biomethane and biogas quality
  • Understand the role of metrology in assessing biomethane and biogas quality
  • Describe the measurement challenges in the analysis of biogas and biomethane
  • Understand how specifications and measurement infrastructure affects biogas producing communities (and wider biogas industry)

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