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NPLTime® now available on the TMX Atrium infrastructure

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and TMX Atrium® have now made NPLTime® available on the TMX Atrium infrastructure over a cross-connect at the Equinix Inc London Slough data centre campus. NPLTime® is a trusted timestamp provided by NPL, the United Kingdom's National Measurement Institute.

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NPLTime® is traceable, accurate and corresponds to the standard of requirements of MiFID II. The London Slough community can now benefit from TMX Atrium global infrastructure ensuring wide accessibility, increased reach and regulatory compliance to the customers all within a single connection to the TMX Atrium platform.

Already available to TMX Atrium customers at the Telehouse London data centre, NPLTime® is a precise time signal at the distribution point that is directly traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). NPL manages the UK's timescale and contributes to UTC formulation with a suite of atomic clocks, including a primary frequency standard, NPL CsF2, a caesium fountain accurate to one second every 158 million years. NPLTime® is fully compliant with the European Commission Directive on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II) Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) 25 timing traceability requirement. The service offers the TMX Atrium community a time signal that cannot be disrupted by outside interference and can be implemented using existing infrastructure.

"Managing the UK's timescale and disseminating it across the UK is an important part of the NPL remit, NPLTime® being the latest service. Our collaboration with TMX Atrium and Equinix extends our delivery of certified time to the trading community in London Slough." - Leon Lobo, Strategic Business Development, Time & Frequency, NPL

"The validation standards that NPL puts in place to deliver NPLTime® and TMX Atrium's expertise in network and operational management have allowed us to deliver a trusted high quality time source to the Equinix data centre in London Slough." - Paul Donaldson, Global Head of Customer Service, TMX Datalinx and Head of Global Operations and Support (Interim), TMX Atrium

"The Equinix London Slough financial ecosystem continues to grow across multiple asset classes. We are delighted that NPL and TMX Atrium have chosen to launch this technological innovation to more than 200 financial services customers situated within our data centre campus." - Stuart Turnham, Director EMEA Enterprise & Financial Services, Equinix

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Last Updated: 17 Oct 2017
Created: 30 Nov 2015


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