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Achieve certified MiFID II compliance now – with NPLTime ®

Your MiFID II compliance clock is ticking... Achieve certified compliance with NPLTime® - and eliminate the weaknesses of GPS

Since 3 January 2018, financial reporting systems must legally comply with stringent new EU regulations for time-stamping on financial trades - known as MiFID II RTS 25.

That's why the UK's official UTC timekeeper, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), has created NPLTime®. This end-to-end 'time-over-fibre' service* is delivered to the financial sector in partnership with leading network infrastructure providers.

NPLTime® delivers all 4 core elements of your ideal MiFID II-compliant timekeeping solution that eliminates the weaknesses of GPS. There are two service types available - choose from Enterprise or Colo to meet the needs of your business.


A direct fibre link to the UK's timescale UTC(NPL) - eliminates the uncertainties of GPS signal paths.


Designed for complete reliability and redundancy, while the secure and robust fibre connection protects you against the signal interference or malicious spoofing vulnerabilities of GPS.


Your UTC accuracy is certified at the point of usage within your own datacentre - by NPL, the UK's National Measurement Institute and only UK UTC timekeeper. No GPS solution can offer similar reassurance.


NPLTime® is an intelligent and cost-effective "UTC as a Service" solution, integrating end-to-end infrastructure, technology and management for swift and practical implementation.

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Achieve MiFID II compliance and eliminate the weaknesses of GPS with NPLTime®

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