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Thin-film Thermocouple

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Thin-film Thermocouple

A thin-film thermocouple (TFT) can be used to measure temperature rises due to the absorption of ultrasound. Compared to results with fine-wire thermocouples, thermal conduction and viscous artefacts have been shown to be reduced during measurements in medical diagnostic fields.

The TFT is deposited on a thin circular membrane of diameter 50.5 mm. The membrane is held in a circular frame approximately 85 mm in outer diameter, and the overall thickness of the frame is less than 5 mm.

The TFT is a differential thermocouple with one junction in the centre of the membrane and the other near the edge of the frame.

Reduced thermal conduction and viscous artefacts for field temperature measurements.

Sensitivity approximately 60 µV/°C

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