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The Centre has plenty of support across the board, ranging from industry to academia. Here you can find views on the Centre from our advisors and supporters.
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Through its wide-ranging expertise as part of the world-renowned National Physical Laboratory, the Centre for Carbon Measurement will make a major contribution to improving the quality of Earth observations relevant to climate and environmental change."

— Prof Alan O'Neill
Director, National Centre for Earth Observation
University of Reading

SSTL are proud to support the Centre for Carbon Measurement. The UK has taken a lead in responding to the threat of global climate change. SSTL wholeheartedly support the initiative led by NPL in establishing the Centre for Carbon Measurement which aims to improve measurement and infrastructure."

— Doug Liddle
Head of Science, Exploration and Platforms
Surrey Satellite Services Ltd

The Institute for Sustainability is very supportive and fully recognises the value of the Centre for Carbon Measurement. It complements well out charitable objectives which are to accelerate sustainable developments, including through facilitating demonstrations for which we capture and share the leasing to inform future developments."

— Ed Metcalfe
Director for Research and Business Development
Institute for Sustainability

The EIT Climate-KIC is very supportive of the Centre for Carbon Measurement. We recognise the value of the Centre as it complements our objective to be the driver of innovation for a low-carbon and sustainable future as well as our activities and that of our partners."

— Prof Richard Templer
Director Climate-KIC UK
Imperial College

NPL is the best placed organisation in the UK to develop appropriate gas analysis and provide independent assessment."

— Graham Cooley
ITM Power

Confidence in emissions measurement is critical to providing a fair and open carbon market. The Centre will provide an invaluable contribution."

— Lois Guthrie
Executive Director
Climate Disclosure Standards Board

For us and our many industry partners, in and around a variety of sustainable technology fields, 'Carbon Metrology' presents an unparalleled opportunity for the UK to develop, exploit and sustain a technology lead, through the creation of novel measurement standards to underpin exploitation of new products."

— John Latham
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Coventry University

The need for metrology in this area has never been more important. There needs to be a robust scientific foundation of carbon measurement to underpin decision-making if progress is to be made on national and international discussions to address the risk of climate change."

— Dr Richard Busby
Environment Manager

There is a tremendous opportunity for the Centre to provide UK leadership … and increase the value and quality of UK science in this area."

— Prof Alastair Lewis
National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences

I would like to take this opportunity to record National Grid's commitment and support to the Centre. Addressing climate change is one of the most challenging issues facing our society and industry."

— Steve Holliday
Chief Executive
National Grid

Measuring consumption emissions is fiendishly difficult. The Centre for Carbon Measurement has an essential role to play in assessing the way in which carbon flows through the economy, and in helping government to understand where and how to intervene to reduce carbon emissions in the most effective manner."

— Chris Pook
Head of the Green Economy Team at the Department for Business
Innovation and Skills

The Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL brings together academic and business partners with government and is designed to ensure that we can have confidence in the measurements we need to improve our understanding of the global climate, deliver policies for mitigating climate change, and accelerate the development of low carbon technologies."

— David Willetts
Minister of State for Universities and Science


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