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Biosensor Consultancy

NPL offers a wide range of options for consultancies on bio-sensing and bio-diagnostic issues.

Consultancy can be achieved through:

Biosensor consultancy
  1. The Technology Innovation Fund (TIF)
    Via this fund companies of any size with any degree of challenge can take this opportunity to engage with NPL at a fraction of the normal cost. The Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) can be accessed via Advice Surgeries, Consultancies or Research Clubs.
  2. Funding from industry
    Industry can pay to utilise staff and or equipment from NPL. This allows industry to identify a particular person or piece of equipment to help with their problems (which do not necessarily need to be measurement related). These consultancies are kept confidential and the property of the information generated belongs to the company.

The Bio-diagnostic group helped through consultation in areas such as measurement, design and manufacturing controls, assay research and development and bio-conjugate research and characterisation.

A final area where consultancy can be obtained is through the Bio-Nano Consultancy (BNC) route. This is a forum in conjunction with Imperial College London and UCL where specialist equipment and knowledge can be obtained. Through the BNC, NPL has available Biocore, MALDI and QStar mass spectrum, DLS (Malvern dynamic light scattering).


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Last Updated: 9 Jun 2016
Created: 22 Dec 2010


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