National Physical Laboratory

Defence & Security Centre of Biomolecular Metrology

Linking biomolecular structure to function in order to help biomedicine meet global health challenges.

Latest news

  • Collaborative research provides new insight into a fusion protein that enables HIV to infect host cells.
  • NPL scientists create a functional model of the extracellular matrix which could lead to advances in regenerative medicine.
  • NPL-led research develops a 'gene transporter' (GeT) that could help treat genetic disorders.

The Centre for Biomolecular Metrology aims to establish a comprehensive measurement system that will provide first design principles bridging polypeptide structure and function. This will enable the exploitation of properties and functionalities in a variety of biomedical contexts, including: 

  • Host defence and bacterial resistance mechanisms
  • Self-assembly for cell-based therapies
  • Protein aggregation implicated in neurodegenerative diseases

The Centre for Biomolecular Metrology stems from a new strategic research initiative: Lengthscale Bridging in Biophysical Systems 

The initiative is between NPL and:


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