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Using Coaxial Connectors in Measurement

The importance of the correct use of coaxial connectors not only applies at radio and microwave frequencies but also at DC and low frequency. The requirement for 'Traceability to National Standards' for measurements throughout industry may depend on several different calibration systems "seeing" the same values for the parameters presented by the device at its coaxial terminals. The connectors used and the condition they are in can make a non-negligible contribution to the measured result.

The Connector Guide was compiled by the ANAMET Club, with the aim of producing a useful reference document for good practice in care and use of connectors. By following these guidelines users will be able to be ensured that the coaxial connectors they are using are fit-for-purpose, to correctly handle and clean connectors and to be able to identify when a connector has become damaged and to have confidence that the connectors are not adversely affecting the measurement. This can reduce uncertainty of measurement, improve quality, and prolong the life of the connectors.

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Last Updated: 20 May 2014
Created: 6 Nov 2008


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