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Acoustics Contacts

Business Leader, Acoustics & Ionising Radiation - Ian Severn
Knowledge Leader, Acoustics & Ionising Radiation - Dr Bajram Zeqiri

Group Leader, Acoustics - Susan Dowson
Head of Science, Acoustics - Dr Bajram Zeqiri

Finite element modelling of acoustic transducers -
Free-field hydrophone calibrations - Gary Hayman
High power ultrasound and acoustic cavitation - Dr Bajram Zeqiri
Hydrophone calibration - Robert Goddard
International and BSI Standards: sound in air - Susan Dowson
International and BSI Standards: underwater acoustics - Stephen Robinson
International and BSI standards: ultrasound - Dr Bajram Zeqiri
Lithotripter measurements -
Low frequency calibration of hydrophones (20 Hz - 2 kHz) - Justin Ablitt
Material properties at simulated ocean conditions - Stephen Robinson
Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics - Dr Bajram Zeqiri
Medical ultrasonic equipment characterisation: diagnostic and therapeutic - Mark Hodnett
Near-field measurement techniques - Stephen Robinson
Noise (underwater) - Stephen Robinson
Noise (in air) - Dan Simmons
Optical methods: underwater - Stephen Robinson
Radiation force balances and the measurement of ultrasonic power -
Simulated ocean conditions - Graham Beamiss
Sonars and transducers: free-field calibration - Gary Hayman
Sound calibrators - Susan Dowson
Sound level meters - Susan Dowson
Ultrasonic properties of materials - Dr Bajram Zeqiri
Ultrasound Beam Calibrator, ultrasonic exposure and tissue heating -
Ultrasound products - Mark Hodnett
Underwater Acoustics - Stephen Robinson

Last Updated: 25 Oct 2016
Created: 20 Apr 2010


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