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Patrick Gill

Patrick Gill's research has been concerned with the development of cold trapped ion systems as optical frequency standards with potential for future redefinition of the SI second, and the frequency metrology needed to relate optical and microwave standards to high accuracy. He is also concerned with research into trapped ions as quantum information processors and entanglement-based metrology.


Patrick has led the R&D in optical frequency standards and metrology for the last two decades, joining NPL in 1975 after completing his DPhil at Oxford University.

Patrick has published ~100 peer-reviewed papers on optical frequency standards, laser stabilisation and related topics. He is a visiting professor at Imperial College and the University of Oxford. He was awarded the Tompion Medal by the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers in 1999, and the Rabi Award by the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium in 2007.

Patrick won the 2008 Young Medal and Prize , awarded by the Institute of Physics for 'distinguished research in optics, including work related to physics outside the visible region', and was awarded an MBE for services to Science in The Queen's New Year's Honours List 2015.

Find out more about Patrick's research in Optical Frequency Standards and Metrology and Quantum Information Processing & Communication.

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