National Physical Laboratory

Governance Management Structure and Oversight

Given the requirement to demonstrate impartiality, independence and integrity in all of its work, NPL requires the highest standards of effective governance, corporate values and ethical behaviour.

Here you will find an outline of NPL's management and oversight structure.

Our structure

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy




Audit & Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee, Nominations Committee, Science & Technology Advisory Council


NPL Executive Team

NPL Framework document

The NPL Framework document was drawn up in consultation with UK government and sets out the broad framework with which NPL will operate.

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The NPL Management Ltd (NPLML) Board is the authoritative decision-making body for NPL.

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Science & Technology Advisory Council

The Science & Technology Advisory Council (STAC) provides independent strategic advice, challenge and support to the National Physical Laboratory.

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Executive Team

NPL's senior management team set, prioritise, communicate and deliver the company's strategic objectives.

As well as review and report company business, establish and manage key stakeholders and manage and develop NPL staff.

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