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Spoken HistoriesSpoken Histories

Watch ex-NPL staff talk about their time here and their valuable memories of NPL

The National Physical Laboratory is one of the UK's oldest laboratories and its staff have been at the cutting edge of science and technology since 1900. Much of our heritage is still in archived reports and photos, unshared with the rest of the world.

In 2013, in order to bring NPL's 112-year history to life and to ensure that our retired staff's memories were preserved forever, ex-NPL staff were invited to talk about their time here and their valuable memories were recorded through the following series of video interviews.

The one million Volt microscope

The Soldering Science & Technology Club
With Dr Colin Lea OBE

Memories of working in the Ionisation section
With Dr Mike Woods and Ms Denise Woods

The Watt balance and redefining the kilogram
With Dr Bryan Kibble, Dr Tony Hartland and Dr Ian Robinson

How NPL helped to fix the Big Ben clock
With Malcolm Loveday

The Magnetic section
With Tony Drake

The Radioactivity section
With Alex Williams CB, Dr Julian Hunt and Dr Vic Lewis

Essen and the atomic clock
Denis Sutcliffe talks about his time working alongside Louis Essen at NPL


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